Our Story

Based on the extensive research, Givon products are power-packed with plant-based stem cells that contain proteins and amino acids to rejuvenate skin.

Givon, a luxury beauty brand formed in US with the mission to redefine the way we think of aging. With a clear vision of creating nature-inspired skin-care products, our goal was to fight with the natural aging of our bodies, which is even more rapid in today’s world of pollution and overuse of toxic materials in skin care products.

Together with a top research team from the United States, we formulated a product that could help delay the aging proceed using only natural certificated ingredients.

We created a line of products that is beneficial for your skin, helps prevent aging and gets back your natural youthful look. Our products are safe, 100 % cruelty-free and is highly efficient in making your skin look vibrant and fresh.

Givon’s main active ingredient is a compound called Syn-Ake peptides, this ingredient helps to relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles thus giving you a younger appearance.

Manufactured in the United State. Our spa-inspired facial and skincare products made with eco-friendly plant-based ingredients that rejuvenate and revitalize the skin back to its healthy state.

Givon skin care products will give you natural healthy look you have always wanted.


No more than ever we need nature-inspired non-toxic skincare products. We provide our customers with a natural and pure high-quality formula that will help transform your skin to a youthful state.

Product Features:

Spa-inspired at-home facials and skincare products, effective with non-toxic formulas that reset skin to healthy state. Anti-aging series (Syn-Ake series), Cruelty-Free, Eco-Friendly, Plant-Based Ingredients.